ProSpec™ 1U4M4S

The ProSpec™ 1U4M4S Single Rack Space Mixer 4 Mono Mic/Line Input Channels / 4 Stereo Line Input Channels Designed for use in Mono, Stereo, and LCR.

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Product Features

  • Live Performance mixers designed to operate in Mono, Stereo, or LCR applications.
  • Prospec™-1U4M4S: 4 Channels of Professional Quality Burr-Brown Microphone Pre-Amplifiers and 4 balanced stereo line input channels.
  • Balanced Left, Right, and Mono (center) XLR outputs use THAT Corporation OutSmarts output devices.
  • All front panel switches are internally illuminated.
  • Individual Solo switch on each mono and stereo input channel.
  • Monitor headphone level control with 1/4” and 1/8” headphone connectors and rear panel APB mixer link connector.
  • Each input channel is assignable to Left-Right OR Mono (Center) mix bus
  • Level and Pan controls on Mono input channels / Level and Balance controls on Stereo input channels.
  • Mono input channels have 48-Volt Phantom Power, High Pass Filter, Polarity Reverse and Assignment switches.
  • Stereo input channels have Mute, Polarity Reverse, and Assignment switches.
  • Individual Left, Right, and Mono (Center) Metering.
  • Front panel Left-Right sum switch
  • Mono input channel use Neutrik XLR/1/4” combo connectors and TRS insert points
  • Stereo input use individual high quality 1/4” balanced left and right input connectors.
  • Low phase-shift, wide bandwidth electronic design derived from APB’s Spectra and ProDesk™ products.

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