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APB DynaSonics Rides Again – Analog Audio in a Digital World with Chuck Augustowski

The 2020 NAMM show saw Chuck Augustowski relaunch APB DynaSonics and a bold plan for the future of analog audio in the coming years. Anyone who was working with pro audio in the mid 2000’s might remember APB-DynaSonics and their unique analog mixing consoles, utility mixers & problem solving products like the Mix Switch that seemingly came out of nowhere in 2005. If you were paying attention though, the names Augustowski, Petrucelli & Bhogal were enough to have you interested even before they shipped any product.

From their early work at Allen & Heath to Taz Bhogal joining on to help bring Crest Audio Consoles to life, this team had everyone’s attention. The combined decades of experience this team had bringing analog mixing consoles to the market made it incredibly exciting to hear they were going out on their own.

The original success of their products is evident when you talk to anyone who used or owned them. Unfortunately, at the time, the analog console market was hit hard by the digital boom & small manufactures often don’t recover from such huge market shifts. In 2012, production would be shuttered and the team disbanded.

Chuck joins me in the video below to give us the inside story on how it all went down, what they are doing right now, and where they are going in the next few years. If you appreciate the history of how we got where we are today & the people who spent the last 50 years working on getting us here, you’re going to enjoy this one.

We’ll be talking more with Chuck and the APB team in the future and looking at the different pieces of gear they are bringing back to the market as they become available in the coming weeks and months. I’m incredibly excited to see what they have in store and I think if you watch the video you will be too.
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