John Senior Sound: A Laundry List of Reasons for Selecting Spectra-T Series As Primary Live Event Mixing Console

     John Senior Sound, a rapidly growing live PA company based in Paradise, California, has chosen to invest in a 32-channel APB-DynaSonics Spectrum-T Series mixing console as the lynch-pin component of its primary house sound reinforcement system.

     The company is the brainchild of John Senior, a performing bluegrass musician who last year decided to extend his musical talent to provide live sound reinforcement for the specialized needs of acoustic instrument music forms such as bluegrass. Senior worked closely with Leo Gunther, principal of Leo Gunther Enterprises of Orland, California , in building his new system, which also includes premium powered loudspeakers and several other A-line components.

     At the recommendation of Gunther and several other experienced audio professionals, Senior evaluated the APB-DynaSonics Spectra-T mixing console, comparing it to other viable models. "It wasn't even close. The Spectra console wins hands-down in terms of everything you'd want from a console in concert applications," explains Senior. "From feature set to layout to sonic quality - every way you can evaluate it - the Spectra presents the best investment possible.

     "Start with the fact that Spectra is a premium VCA-based console, and there's simply no other VCA console of true professional quality available for anywhere close to its price point," he continues. "There's just nothing not to like about it. The lights, the look and feel - everything is just so intuitive. It almost feels like the board is talking to you when you walk up to it. Everything just falls into place, with your hands automatically going where they're needed next when mixing."

     John Senior Sound recently deployed its new system at the annual "Bluegrassin' In The Foothills" festival in Plymouth , California , featuring more than a dozen top bluegrass acts performing live over the course of three days. According to Senior, his company's work met with rave reviews from the audience and organizers alike, including event promoter Larry Baker of L & S Promotions, who's also a coordinator for the California Bluegrass Association.

     "Literally, I had more than 30 people who have been 'up to their necks' in live bluegrass music for more than two decades come up to me throughout the course of the festival to rave about the quality of our sound," Senior notes. "And Larry was so happy that he booked us on the spot to provide sound for an even larger bluegrass festival in Arizona in the first part of next year."

     Another person providing rave reviews was the chief mix engineer at the "Bluegrassin'" festival, adds Senior. "This guy has been mixing for more than 35 years and stated that Spectra is unequivocally the best console he's ever had the opportunity to use. We did have a humorous moment when he complained that there was only a headphone jack at the rear of the board, but I just smiled and pointed out that there's also another headphone jack conveniently placed right below the hand-rest at the front, and he replied, 'wow, APB really has thought of everything!'"

     John Senior Sound has been doubling its volume of business every month since entering the sound reinforcement business, and Senior firmly believes the rapid growth is directly attributable, at least in part, to wise investment in his primary system components. Right now the company's 32-channel Spectra-T is handling both house and monitor mixing duties, but he's soon going to invest in a 48-channel Spectra Series model for front of house, while dedicating the current model to monitors.

     "I couldn't be happier with this system, and neither could our growing list of clients. The Spectra console, in particular, has been a spectacular success," he states. "I can't wait to expand our capabilities with another Spectra-T."