Granite Rocks Live Masters Multiple Mixing for New England Theatrical Productions with Plenty of Know-how and APB-DynaSonics Spectra Ti40 Mixing Console .

Granite Rocks New England Theater Groups with APB Spectra Console

Derry, NH––Granite Rocks Live, a fast-growing audio production company is lo-cated in Southern New Hampshire not far from Boston, a hotbed of live musical theatre and concerts. As Granite Rocks owner Steve Devino puts it, "Musical theater is unique in that it generally involves a whole lot of channels to accommodate thirty plus wireless microphones, enough wired inputs for the orchestra and plenty of channels for sound effects. And if that wasn't de-manding enough," Steve adds, "a multitude of mixes are required as well."

In business for five years, Granite Rocks has been mastering the art of mul-tiple inputs and multiple mixes for stage shows with the help of APB-DynaSonics. "We added the Spectra Ti48 console specifically to handle some very large channel count shows we had schedule for the fall and spring." com-ments Devino.

"The very first show we used it on was Stagecoach Production's performance of Parade in Nashua New Hampshire, which used all 48 inputs,” he continues. "The board has also seen action in productions of Hello Dolly, Smokey Joe's Cafe and Thoroughly Modern Millie.

”Community theatre has a very short production schedule with a typical setup time for techs of two to three days. The flexibility of routing and the out-standing audio quality of the Spectra Ti make meeting the technical chal-lenges almost a non-issue.”

Devino augments the APB Dynasonics board with a rack of Metric Halo 2882+DSP Mobile IO's to cover the needs of all his outboard duties. The APB and Metric Halo combination is, in his words, “really killer.”

”The Spectra Ti features individual balanced send and returns on its in-serts,” continues Devino, “which allows my outboard to run with 6dB more us-able range and take advantage of the dynamics plugins available on the Metric Halo units. This gives me the best of both analog and digital in a very com-pact footprint,” he adds.

This same combination was put to use at a recent bluegrass festival held as a benefit at the Stockbridge Theatre in Derry, New Hampshire featuring favorite regional bands the Tough Cats, Pine Hill Ramblers and Blackstone Valley Blue-grass Band. According to Steve, “they were blown away with the quality of the sound we were able to get with the APB. The board also allowed us to change over from band to band by actually providing enough unique channels to cover all three bands. We simply re-patched the stage and brought on the next act.”

Granite Rocks Live continues the journey from theater to theater with up com-ing productions of Sweeney Todd and Once On This Island at the Derryfield Repertoire Theater this summer.

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