APB-DynaSonics Spectra-C Meets Numerous Challenges At Australia’s Christian City Church Whitehorse

      Australian A/V systems integration firm Mozaix selected a 48-channel APB-DynaSonics Spectra-C mixing console as a key component of a new sound reinforcement system serving the recently opened 1,000-seat worship auditorium of Christian City Church Whitehorse in Vermont, Victoria, Australia.

     The system, designed by Paul Horwood of Mozaix, provides full-range coverage as well as exceptional vocal intelligibility throughout the auditorium, which is comprised of a main seating level and balcony. Additional design support on the project was supplied by Graeme Stevenson of Production Audio Services, and in fact, it was Stevenson who provided the introduction to APB-DynaSonics Spectra Series consoles.

     “When Graeme informed us of the Spectra Series, we were immediately interested because of the involvement of Chuck Augustowski, who is recognized for his history of console innovation,” Horwood explains. “Following an evaluation of Spectra Series, combined with our confidence in Chuck and the APB engineering team, we were persuaded to utilize a Spectra console. The client was easily persuaded as well.”

      Stevenson points out that a competitor’s console was originally specified on the project, but Horwood notes that Spectra Series was ultimately the preferred choice because it presented numerous advantages that meet specific challenges of the project - challenges that are also common to many church system projects. “APB is providing real value. Budgets need to be balanced with performance in order to achieve the longer term fulfillment of a church's vision,” he observes.

     “On this project, for example, we’re able to deliver 48 channels of mixing to the church within their budget, with many of the features of the Spectra console serving as a bonus, such as the matrix mixer and VCA groups,” continues Horwood. “These features were outside the original budget but were on the technical team’s “wish list’, and because of APB, we were able to fulfill these wishes, much to the delight of the client. As a frame of reference, similar consoles cost almost 50 percent more to include VCA facilities.”

      Still, specifying any relatively new component within a mission-critical system comes with a bit of trepidation, he points out. Further, churches often present the systems integrator with the additional challenge of devising solutions capable of being operated by a very wide range of operator skill and experience.

     "To be honest, sometimes it can be difficult to appreciate just how a new piece of equipment will fit within an operating environment. It was only after we installed this console that we found that the color schemes on the desk to be so intuitive," he explains. "As a result, the more experienced members of the technical team had no difficulty in getting familiar with the console's operation.