APB-DynaSonics Spectra-C Console Helps Drive Dramatic Sound System Upgrade Provided By Owens AV Design At Church For All Nations

The Church For All Nations in Colorado Springs, Colorado is enjoying dramatically improved sound quality for its worship services and busy schedule of events thanks to a new sound reinforcement system designed by Owens Audio-Video Design that includes a 48-channel APB-DynaSonics Spectra-C mixing console that handles both house and monitor duties.

Owens AV Design, based in Orlando, Florida, provides expertly designed and installed professional audio, lighting and video systems for an national client base that includes entertainment venues, amusement parks, musicians, houses of worship, and others. The company is headed by Bob Owens, a 30-year AV systems veteran whose impressive resume includes long-term stints as audio director for Disney Entertainment Worldwide and director of SGA Audio Design.

An existing facility, Church For All Nations sought a dramatically upgraded sound system for its 850-seat worship sanctuary, and Owens worked closely with Technical Director/Associate Pastor David Cowart and other key church representatives in formulating an optimum solution. Worship services at the church feature high-energy progressive music presented with concert style and levels as well as spoken-word teachings, presenting sound reinforcement requirements that Owens fulfilled with an expert design featuring premium line array, power amplification and signal processing components topped by the APB-DynaSonics Spectra-C console.

"I am a firm believer in providing our clients with a VCA-based console whenever feasible because it offers so many valuable advantages," Owens notes. "The problem - until now - has been that there were no VCA designs in the right price range that we could comfortably specify when it came to quality, functionality and reliability.

This true market need has now been met and exceeded by APB with the Spectra Series. In fact, I'd venture that Spectra is comparable to any of the so-called 'higher end' consoles that can cost 10 times the money."

Owens AV Design packs as much functionality and flexibility as possible into every system, and this project proved no exception. The front platform is teaming with interconnectivity courtesy of nine FSR floor pockets offering access to any input and output desired, backed by considerable multi-pair cable runs between the centrally located mix position and the platform. Whirlwind rack-mount splitters and patch panels allow extremely flexible routing of 68 inputs and 20 outputs, with the 48-channel APB Spectra-C console residing at the hub of this capability, easily capable of providing both FOH and monitor mix functionality.

"The often overlooked but absolute key to success lies in the understanding that infrastructure is just as important as anything else on a sound system project," explains Owens. "Here, we have supplied extreme versatility to meet any ongoing needs as well as re-setting the platform very quickly for any given event, with the Spectra console sitting at the head in terms of providing plenty of sends and very easy, intuitive operation."

Owens had originally specified a Spectra-T model but subsequent budget issues led to a switch to Spectra-C, which offers a slightly less sophisticated EQ section. Yet he's more than pleased with the alteration, noting the overall excellence of the Spectra EQ design prevails. "This change did not prove to be a detriment at all," he adds. "APB has picked exactly the proper frequencies to work with in the EQ section, and overall, the EQ section is just as responsive as that of a Spectra-T, or frankly, any premium console that I could name. The real value is that we were able to provide the client with the same quality but at a savings that benefited their entire system."

APB-DynaSonics Spectra Series consoles have quickly become a staple within many of Owens AV Designs projects, including another ongoing church system design as well as a recently completed system at the Miracle Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee , where a 56-channel Spectra-T was recently installed.

"What we're finding is that Spectra is blowing the minds of everyone connected with these projects in terms of how well it performs, how dead-silent quiet it is and then how full and open it sounds when you bring up the channels," Owens concludes. "There is simply no other console available in this price category that we're aware of that can compete with Spectra in terms of sound quality, intuitive operation, functionality, comprehensive feature set, and in particular, the quietness of the preamps."