Legendary Stone Pony Live Music Club Gets Significant Sonic Upgrade With APB-DynaSonics Spectra-T House Mixing Console From Asbury Audio      

    Asbury Audio recently chose to provide the world-renowned Stone Pony live music club in Asbury Park, New Jersey with a 48-channel APB-DynaSonics Spectra-T mixing console in a significant upgrade to the existing house sound reinforcement system.

    Over the past 30-plus years, the Stone Pony has played host to a virtual “who's who” of top musical talent, led by Bruce Springsteen and legendary house band Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes. As one of only three clubs elected to the Rock ‘n' Roll Hall Of Fame, it's still going strong today, with performers such as Johnny Winter, Hoobastank and Psychedelic Furs slated to take the stage in coming weeks.

    Asbury Audio, also located in Asbury Park and headed by Jason Dermer, is the official audio provider for the Stone Pony, which offers a capacity of up to 2,000. The company rides herd over a high-end sound system with numerous premium components that just got better with the addition of the APB-DynaSonics Spectra-T for use by all mix engineers working the venue.

    “For us, the first attraction of the Spectra-T is its sound quality, which is superb,” Dermer explains. “It's probably an understatement to say it's a good-sounding console, because the audio quality goes far beyond that description and into the realm of that provided by so-called ‘premium' consoles.”

    Dermer is also attracted to the console's intelligent, straight-forward design and layout, something noted by guest engineers as well. “Everything is laid out so intuitively that you quickly find that you're able to concentrate on the mix rather than how to get around the console,” he adds. “Not only is the quality excellent, it's obvious that the Spectra Series has been designed and built by folks who actually work in the pro audio industry and understand the true needs of audio professionals. Everything that you need is right there, with no fluff to drive up the price”

    The Spectra-T at Stone Pony replaces an older “name brand” large-format mixing console, with Dermer doing a great deal of homework before making his decision. Spectra-T won out in comparison to all other pro-caliber analog candidates in the under $30,000 price range, and the possibility of a digital console was not even considered. “At this segment of the market, which is mid-level touring and installation, there are many engineers who either haven't learned to mix on a digital surface or are just not comfortable with them,” Dermer says. “And anyone who has learned to utilize digital consoles is capable of working with the straightforward analog format provided by APB with the Spectra.”

    In addition to serving the sound reinforcement needs of the Stone Pony, Asbury Audio also provides sound design and installation services and systems for regional concert tours, festivals and special events. Dermer notes that with Spectra Series, APB-DynaSonics has met the need for a high-quality mixing console well capable of serving all of those applications.

    “APB has invested very wisely in defining and providing what really counts in a console, and that results in a great investment for a sound company like ours,” Dermer concludes. “It also results in a great value in terms of what we supply to our customers, so everyone wins.”