This is APB-DynaSonics

APB-DynaSonics has been successfully designing and manufacturing high performance live analog mixing consoles in Totowa, New Jersey since its initial founding by industry veterans Chuck Augustowski (A), John Petrucelli (P), and Taz Bhogal (B) in 2004.

Having received unprecedented critical acclaim from leading audio trade publications and user testimonials, APB-DynaSonics consoles have become a staple for live performance events in the U.S. and around the world.

APB mixing products can be found in use throughout the world in both portable and fixed installations. In addition to its desktop models, APB-DynaSonics is producing this same sophisticated level of audio quality, dynamic responsiveness and intuitive layout in its 10 rack spaces ProRack™-House and ProSpec™ mixers. Another unique APB product, MixSwitch™ allows users to quickly and easily switch or combine audio between several consoles.

Under the visionary leadership of Peter Patel, and its parent company, Reliance Electronics Inc. (REI), APB-DynaSonics continues to grow and flourish with a design philosophy firmly rooted in solid construction with high-grade professional components to ensure superlative audio and reliability, and internal modular design for easy servicing.

Since its inception, APB-DynaSonics has become known for its hands-on and market-sensitive approach to the art of designing and manufacturing analog consoles. The guiding principle for APB-DynaSonics is to provide the kind of performance that distinguishes itself in any live sound or installation setting.